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Bachelor's Degrees


Expertise, innovation, responsibility. Integrated knowledge to change public administration, private sector and healthcare.

The Degree Programme provides students with the conceptual, methodological and managerial tools required to understand and improve the functioning of public administrations and healthcare organisations. The study programme is interdisciplinary: it enables students to learn political-social, legal, psychological and economic-managerial skills.

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Economia & Management is a three-year programme in step with the times, integrating the study of economics/business disciplines with quantitative and IT tools.

The Bachelor's degree programme in Economics and Management (EMA) at the University of Milan is organised as a challenging and innovative course that allows students to combine the study of business disciplines with specific attention to economic topics. The programme focuses on the understanding of economic phenomena from all different perspectives in order to provide the graduate with the adequate knowledge required by the national and global labour market. The programme explores topics that are crucial to the world in which we live: how the economic system works, how businesses operate, how resources are allocated and coordinated to achieve predetermined goals.

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Master's Degrees


The Master degree in Data Science & Economics is a genuinely multidisciplinary programme, offering a well-balanced set of courses in computer science, statistics and economics. The programme is entirely taught in English.

The degree program aims to provide a solid and modern cultural background on computer science, statistics and economics, providing an integrated view of these skills in all its courses, in the belief that the integration of the foundational disciplines can develop for students a strong added value compared to the mere sum of skills acquired separately. The innovation in the teaching methods also has the ambition to develop, in students, the specific methodological attitude of the data scientist, forming professional figures capable of thinking in a new way the reality, starting from the challenges, thinking in terms of models, understanding the value of data, and learning how to evaluate the real impact of choices. 

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Are you passionate about economics but with a strong interest in the functioning of political institutions? Excited about political science but willing to increase your knowledge of economics and your quantitative skills? Economics and Political Science is in both cases the course for you.

Economics and Political Science (EPS) is a two-year master program taught entirely in English, integrating advanced analytical tools in Economics, Political Science and Quantitative Methods. Students in EPS will acquire a thorough understanding of major international economic policy issues. They will be trained to become key players and decision makers in global business, international organizations, and government agencies. Every year several EPS students enter the double-degree program that we run jointly with UCL (Université Catholique de Louvain, BE) or spend a period abroad in leading Universities and research centers all over the world. A number of EPS graduates engage in additional study in specialised master’s courses or pursue academic research in top PhD programs.

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Graduates of this master course will receive advanced training on quantitative methodologies and tools suitable to interpret and analyze the economic and financial phenomena and to operate directly on financial markets or in international economic institutions.

With the Master degree in Finance and Economics (MEF), the University of Milan aims at offering an exclusive and high-quality study program. This internationally oriented master degree is thought to provide students both with an excellent academic background and a practical sense, as well as with a strong attitude towards future careers in today's challenging and dynamic global financial/monetary/real markets. The degree in MEF is therefore organized in such a way to provide extensive and deep knowledge in the economic mechanisms that regulate the behavior of financial markets. This ultimately allows students to build solid quantitative and numerical foundations that represent the basis to take key decisions in environments generally characterized by strong levels of uncertainty and/or risk. A well-balanced study track shapes strong quantitative competences along with a robust knowledge of the underlying theory of finance and economics.

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The Master of Science in Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship aims at providing students with theoretical knowledge and analytical tools to identify and exploit entrepreneurial opportunities for innovation, change management and organizational transformation.

Il CdLM in Management dell’innovazione e imprenditorialità è un corso, uno dei pochi in ambito regionale e nazionale, direttamente indirizzato ai temi dei processi innovativi e dello sviluppo imprenditoriale. Il corso di laurea ha come obiettivo quello di trasferire un insieme mirato di conoscenze e di tecniche applicative che permettano ai laureati sia di essere protagonisti nella creazione e nello sviluppo di iniziative imprenditoriali, sia di rispondere alle esigenze di cambiamento e di innovazione gestionale e organizzativa delle imprese. L’approfondimento delle discipline aziendali e di quelle economiche, giuridiche e quantitative, mira a trasferire conoscenze e competenze utili per  orientare i processi di creazione e innovazione imprenditoriale, così come i processi di sviluppo di  nuovi progetti in attività già esistenti.

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