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The Department plays a strategic role in the coordination of three fundamental areas of the university structure:

  • teaching
  • research
  • adminstration

The Department Secretariat and the Management Secretariat assist the governing bodies of the Department in carrying out their institutional tasks and in relations with other structures of the University and with external bodies and institutions.

The teaching secretariats offer services (information, tutoring, assistance and guidance, placement) to students enrolled in the courses that the Department helps to manage. They provide support to teachers in carrying out their activities.

The Research Services provide support to professors and researchers in carrying out their research activities.

The Administration carries out all the management and accounting functions that are an indispensable prerequisite for the implementation of course and research activities.

The Erasmus desk supports students in their search for a study course abroad, managing the administrative procedures and promoting coordination between the central offices, the network and the final users.

The communication area is responsible for transmitting and disseminating the essence of the department to the outside world, showing its work and highlighting its centrality and importance, through its social channels and websites.

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