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The Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods is located in the Palazzo Resta Pallavicino, a baroque building in Via Conservatorio 7, home to the Faculty of Political Science. The building is in a central district of the city, surrounded by lively cultural centres, such as the Conservatory, museums and other humanistic faculties of the Statale. The area is easily accessible by public transport, such as the metro or road transport. It is also within easy reach of the main railway stations, such as Milano Centrale, Cadorna, Porta Garibaldi and Porta Venezia.

The faculty has 18 classrooms, 5 of them equipped for distance learning and another 5 will be by the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic year. There is a bar, a refreshment area with vending machines and a recreation room for lunch breaks. There are also two study rooms and a specialised library according to Faculty courses.

The department occupies the north-eastern wing of the building, between the second and third floors, with staff offices and teachers' rooms. It has a seminar room on the top floor for events and a computer lab on reservation.

It also has spaces in the adjacent Via Livorno, a building with a view of the Church of Santa Maria della Passione. Here it has additional studios for teachers and co-operators, as well as an additional modern computer lab.

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