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Head of Department  

The Department Director is the representative of the Department; he/she convenes and chairs the Council and the Board and ensures the execution of their decisions; promotes and coordinates the activities of the Department in cooperation with the Board; is responsible for managing the allocated budget; is responsible for the premises and property conferred to the Department at the time of its establishment or subsequently acquired; provides for the preparation of an annual report that illustrates the activities carried out during the calendar year and contains all useful information for the evaluation of the same; supervises within his/her competence the compliance with laws, rules and regulations; exercises all the powers that are conferred by law, the Statute, the Regulations and the Internal Regulations of the Department.


Prof. Carlo FIORIO

e-mail: carlo.fiorio@unimi.it



Prof.ssa Chiara Guglielmetti

e-mail: chiara.guglielmetti@unimi.it

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