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Department Council


The Department Council is the body that directs, plans, coordinates and verifies the Department's activities. To this end, it exercises all the powers conferred on it by current legislation, the Statute and Regulations of the University of Milan and the Department Regulations.


Teaching staff

The Council includes all the professorsresearchers and fixed-term researchers that make up the staff of the Department.

The Council includes all the professors, researchers and researchers on fixed-term contracts who make up the staff of the Department.


Technical-administrative staff

The Council includes the Administrative Manager, the highly professional staff of the Department and a representative of the remaining technical and administrative staff.

  • Daniela Caminiti, Administrative Manager
  • Carolina Amicarelli, Staff Representative
  • Anna Basoni, Staff Representative
  • Benedetta Capponi, Staff Representative 


Representatives of students

The Council includes a representation of students enrolled in bachelor, master and single-cycle degree programmes for which the Department is the main contact or in any case responsible for management.


Representatives of Fellows and Doctoral students

The Council includes a representative of the holders of research grants awarded to the Department or activated by it and a representative of those enrolled in PhD programmes and specialisation schools of interest to the Department, to the extent determined by the Regulations of each Department.


Representatives of doctoral students:

In process of being appointed


Representative of fellows:

  • Andrea Riganti
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