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A group of 26 studentsfrom the University of Massachusetts Amherst will be visiting our Faculty on Jan 14th as part of a field study trip connected to the course Business in Italy. We've had about 7 of these visits over the years. The group will arrive in Milan on Jan 13 after visiting businesses and organizations here and in other cities. 
We have organized a social event (Happy Hour) for UMass and UMilan students for the evening of 13th, at 6 p.m.  at a bar near the Faculty (Bar Conservatorio, Via Donizetti 45 – corner Via Bellini). 

On Jan. 14th, there will be a meeting on campus (4.30 - room 27) for conversation and group discussions about topics of interest to students (current events, travels, studies, etc. - informal discussions). They'll talk about their trip / impressions, whatever Unimi students find of interest, and they are also interested in hearing about current issues and events in Italy etc. 


13 January 2014
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