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PC lab  

Our IT Lab is in via Conservatorio 7, third floor. It has sixteen workstations for students and one for the teacher. Availability can be checked through an online calendar.

The laboratory is open from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 7 PM.

Access is limited to lab account holders. Accounts are released upon request to

  • PhD students at DEMM
  • MA dissertation students (with Dr Roberto Picciatore’s approval)
  • Researchers
  • Part-time teachers
  • Teaching groups


All members of staff can use the laboratory for research and teaching activities.
Use of the lab is to be agreed with Dr Roberto IMPICCIATORE (email: roberto.impicciatore@unimi.it)

For more information see: http://support.economia.unimi.it/Laboratorio.deaslab.0.html


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