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Welcome to the Department of Economics, Management, and Quantitative Methods (DEMM), one of the top-rated Italian departments of economics and related studies according to a number of international rankings.

Our Department is brand new: it was established on April 27, 2012. Yet, its origins can be traced back more than forty years, when the institutes, the departments and the research centers that recently merged to give rise to the new Department were founded. Since then the members of all these institutions have produced high-quality research on a wide range of topics, publishing their products in the best national and international journals. Our web pages devoted to the Department’s research activities illustrate the main themes pursued by our researchers and the most important results they have been able to reach.

The research interests of our staff directly inform our teaching and the design of our curriculum. We offer a number of taught undergraduate and postgraduate programs and research degrees in both Italian and English. Among the programs taught in Italian we recall the BA degree in Economia e management and the two-year master’s degree in Management dell’innovazione e imprenditorialità. Among the programs taught in English we recall the two-year master’s degrees in Economics and Finance, Environmental and Food Economics and Economics and Political Science, all of them directly run by the Economics Department, as well as the PhD program in Economics, run by the Lombardy Advanced School of Economic Research (LASER), a interuniversity school based at the Department. We also cooperate with other departments in offering joint interdisciplinary degrees in a number of related fields. Among the latter, we recall in particular the Politics and Economics curriculum, a track of the BA degree in Political Science which is entirely taught in English.

We try to be as clear as possible on what we expect from our students and what our students can expect from us. We also try to describe what we plan to undertake as accurately as we can. The Department supports students’ societies and alumni associations which, in cooperation with the Department’s and the University’s placement offices, play an active role in providing stage and employment opportunities. A high percentage of our graduates find a job immediately after graduating or carry on studying in more advanced programs. We encourage you to explore our web pages devoted to the Department’s teaching activities to get further information on the several opportunities the Department can provide.

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