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Jean Monnet EUsers Project: a success story

The Jean Monnet project “Services of general interest in the EU: A citizens’ perspective on public versus private provision (EUsers)” coordinated by Department of Economics, Management, and Quantitative Methods - under the scientific supervision of Professor Massimo Florio and implemented in collaboration with other five European universities (Abo University, Wu Wirtschaftuniversität Wien, University of Leipzig, University of Greenwich and University of Rouen) - has been selected as a "success story" by a panel of experts from the Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture of the European Commission.

"Success stories" are finalised projects that have distinguished themselves by their impact, contribution to policy-making, innovative results and/or creative approach and can be a source of inspiration for others. The selection was made on the basis of rigorous criteria regarding quality, relevance and results achieved by the project.

The objective of the Jean Monnet EUsers network was to encourage the diffusion of innovative teaching approaches, applied research and policy debate on services of general interest throughout and outside the European Union. Over its three years of activity (2014-2017), the EUsers network has successfully implemented all the activities originally targeted and carried out additional ones. 45 Seminars organized, involving overall 1,200 people and around 200 invited speakers from academia, civil society and policy makers contributed to the discussions; 5 international workshops involving overall 300 participants, 110 speakers from around 100 different institutions including EU, International organisations; National ministries, academics and professional organisations; A new Course on ‘European regulatory economics’ launched in 2015 and involving around 300 students (until 2017). A summer school on Performance and governance of services of general interest in the EU: Critical perspectives on Energy, Telecommunications, Transport and Water Reforms was held: 35 PhD and master students were admitted out of 579 applications received, representing more than 300 different institutions and including around 200 with PhD or post doc positions and more than 70 nationalities. A book on “The reform of Network Industries, evaluating privatisation, regulation and liberalisation in the EU” (ELGAR publishing, Dec 2017) was published by drawing from the research activities carried out in the framework of the project. Results of the activities carried out were disseminated through a dedicated Web Site, newsletters, articles, etc.

More details about the project are available at http://users.unimi.it/eusers/home/home-page/

The EUsers project has been marked as success story in the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform


Contact: gelsomina.catalano@unimi.it   

14 January 2019
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