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A team of DEMM researchers, lead by Massimo Florio, has contributed to the Future Circular Collider Study at CERN, potentially  the most ambitious project in fundamental physics to date, with an investment cost of around 24 billion Euro.

The DEMM team, in collaboration with Stefano Forte of the Department of Physics, UNIMI,  and researchers at CSIL, has studied the socio-economic impact of Large hadron Collider, where the Higgs Boson has been discovered, and also the upgrade of the particle accelerator (High Luminosity LHC, to be run from 2025) with a cost-benefit analysis model. The FCC Study is available in preview at https://fcc-cdr.web.cern.ch/ and will be publshed by  European Physics Journal Special Topics.

16 January 2019
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