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Bloomberg terminal now available at DEMM!

We are pleased to inform our staff and students that a Bloomberg terminal is now available at DEMM.

Bloomberg is a leading data provider company widely used by financial, insurance and economic institutions.

Our Department will publish a monthly list of Webinars and Seminars provided by Bloomberg.

The aim of these seminars is to introduce students and researchers to the usage of Bloomberg terminal for the analysis and download of economic, financial and also accounting data. There are several Bloomberg tools that allow users to conduct advanced financial analysis like evaluation derivative contracts, interest rate derivatives, evaluation CDS, optimal portfolio selection, risk measure analysis, performance attribution and so on.

Seminars usually take place in Milan, Piazza Fontana 1.

Webinars can be attended only from the Bloomberg terminal at our Department. In case we receive high number of requests for the same webinar, a broadcasting of the webinar will be available in a separate room.

In order to register for a seminar or webinar you need to:

 1) Send an e-mail to demmbloomberg@gmail.com in order to create (if you don’t have it) your Bloomberg account

 2) From the Bloomberg's search toolbar run the function SMNR

 3) Filter using the appropriate fields and select the seminar/webinar you are interested in

 4) Click the button "Iscriversi"

If you need further information/support please contact the e-mail: demmbloomberg@gmail.com

Please find HERE the November list of available webinars.

Please find HERE the December list of available webinars.

05 November 2019
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